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Cookie information

We use cookies to facilitate your use of our website. Cookies are small bits of information temporarily stored on your device (computer, mobile phone, etc.) by your browser software, which are necessary, among other things, to navigate between our pages (see below for more details). Cookies do not contain any personal data and are not used to identify individual users. Cookies often have a unique identifier consisting of a randomly generated number stored on your device. Some cookies expire at the end of your visit to the website, while others remain on your computer for a longer period of time.  

Types of cookies

Internal cookies
Internal cookies are set by the website you visit and can only be read by that website. 

External cookies
External cookies are set by other organisations providing various services. For example, Sinka és Társa Kft.uses external analytics services and the service providers that provide these services can provide data about the traffic to the site and parts of the site through the cookies they place. The websites you visit may also have embedded content (for example from YouTube) and these websites may place their own cookies. 

Why should I allow the use of cookies?

We use cookie information to improve the services we provide to you. For example: 

they allow a service to recognise the device you are using, so you do not have to enter the same information more than once to complete a task or during the time you are on the site, for example when filling in a web form or survey

allow the video player to work properly

measure how many people use services at any given time, allowing you to simplify the use of those services and ensure that you have enough capacity to keep them running fast; analyse anonymised data to help you understand the relationship between users and the different characteristics of your online services, so that you can improve them.

What happens if I do not accept?

If you choose not to accept cookies, certain services on our website may not be displayed or may not function properly. This may limit the activities you can perform on our site and may affect the appearance and user experience. 

Examples of services that may be affected: 

the personal experience provided by the website

Viewing videos

viewing embedded content

Cookies placed by our website

Cookie Policy

cookie policy

This cookie stores information about the users' decision to use cookies on this website.

Google Analytics

  • heli-googleanalytics
  • __utmt_UA-XXX
  • __utma
  • __utmb
  • __utmc
  • __utmz

This cookie collects information about the use of the website and its components. 

Disable Google Analytics

  • ga-disable-UA-XXX

This cookie is placed when the user refuses to allow information about their visit to be stored. 


  • YSC
  • GEUP
  • PREF

These cookies are placed by "YouTube" as an external video content provider. YouTube collects data about the video views on our website. Acceptance of this cookie is not linked to access to the video.



When you contact us, we use a so-called "captcha" code. This is used to distinguish a computer from a human. It can be easily solved by humans and is therefore used to filter possible abuse. This cookie recognises the user and the "captcha" code to be solved.



The DoubleClick cookie uses a pseudonymous identifier assigned to the browser you are using to track the ads that appear on the screen and attract the user's interest, which enables the DoubleClick service provided by Google to work. 


By using iFrames, JavaScript, etc. technologies, in addition to those listed above, additional internal or external cookies may be present in (external) content embedded on our website. By accepting the use of cookies, the user also accepts the use of cookies for such content.  

Sinka és Társa Kft.has no control over and assumes no responsibility for external cookies. Please visit the relevant third party website for further information. 

By clicking on the button below you can allow or deny this website to place cookies on your device.